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How many of your default and dominating beliefs and behaviours have you - after ​years of repeating these same patterns - just accepted as you and who you are?

We could call this a program, just like software is programming that predicts the paths ​in which different platforms will automatically operate and never venture away from. ​How often are you aware of the fact that it is possible to change and reframe your inner ​programming and mindsets? To renew your mind? To be freed from unproductive ​emotional states?

We needed to conform to certain beliefs during our formative years in order fit into and ​belong in our nurturing homes, to be kept safe by our loved ones when we couldn’t do ​anything for ourselves and when we were defenseless. We adopted beliefs and ​mindsets and behaviours that were understood and accepted and for each of us - your ​world became THE world and you accepted it as the way in which life works for ​everyone out there as well. The opinions that were shared about you have become the ​opinions you believed of yourself as well. These beliefs have become automated after ​years of accepting it as the norm and not exploring your deeper reality and what else it ​could be.

I have received beautiful traits from my parents whom I love dearly, that I will always ​treasure. In the same way, I have passed on values to my children in my deep love for ​them. I have also hurt my children through my own brokenness and shaped their ​outlook and some perspectives we are correcting now as they are on their way to leave ​the nest - so that they can be confident, secure, significant adults that will bless their ​world. In the same way, my parents have hurt me in their brokenness and often without ​knowing, and shaped my outlook in ways where I need to let go of insecurities and ​worries that I am not enough - so that I can take up my space and honour the One who ​created me to become everything He speaks over my destiny on earth.

Do not conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Can I ​be raw and real with you here? Raw for uncooked and not processed and real for being ​vulnerable, genuine and sincere. One thing I have struggled with a lot in my life, is when ​people have hurt me, taken things from me, abandoned me and did not ask for ​forgiveness. When I met Jesus and realized how He has cancelled my debt and instead ​gave me his undeserved favour that prospers my life and His mercy that comes to me ​with unwavering compassion and unconditional love. When I read how He asked on the ​cross when He was hurt for my brokenness - forgive them for they know not what they do ​- I knew He asked that about me too. Often, I don’t know what I do. One example, the ​people I love most on this planet are my children and I have hurt them when I difinitely ​never wanted to. In the same way that I have hurt others, I have also been hurt.

Because of the unprecedented pardon I have received when I deserved death, I can also ​see how others hurt me because they didn’t know what they were doing either. ​Countless times in my own life, but only very recently, have I been convinced of the ​accuracy of Jesus teaching when He asked us not to look at the speck of sawdust in our ​brother’s eye while we pay no attention to the plank in our own eye.

This is just one example of how reframing our beliefs, changing our perspective, and ​shifting our perceptions can make our world a better place and relief us for tremendous ​emotional burdens. Setting us free to grow into everything we were made to be. ​Leaving restrictive, debilitating mindsets behind and opening the windows of our souls ​to the bright, warm sunlight of - what else can it be?

Leading to significant shifts in how we perceive and experience reality.

Mindset Elements

My Authentic Values

safe to grow : courage ​to be seen: clarity from ​comparison : focus​

  • Reframing childhood;​
  • Authenticity;​
  • Creativity vs. Comparison;​
  • Security vs. Insecurity;​
  • A Voice that heals.​

Puzzle Piece Purpose

Purposeful Movement : ​Job greater than your ​Trade : big picture is big​

  • Part of something greater;​
  • Willingness and willpower;​
  • Zoom out;​
  • Imagination / preconceived ideas;​
  • God’s story about your story.​

Measurable Process

A going forward : to ​better place/ State :​ Growth, increase​

  • Process over Perfection;​
  • First step in a thousand;​
  • Journaling;​
  • SMART goals & SWOT analysis;​
  • Growth mindset (seed & bricks)​

Th​oughts, Emotions

THE BIG THINGS ARE THE ​imperceptible things

  • Catch your thoughts;
  • What is the feeling?;
  • Mindsets;
  • Triggers & Memories;
  • What you resist will persist;
  • S​ee it and you don’t have to be it.

Marketing Team Presentation

Pe​rceptions & Frames

Look at it from the ​other side of the world

  • Conscious of your unconscious;
  • Continuums;
  • Talking helps;
  • Metaphors & Stories;
  • Visualization & Reframing;
  • Atta​chments vs Acceptance.

Design Team Presentation

Domino Behaviours

All you need is space in ​which to cultivate neW

  • Mindfulness;
  • Meditation, deeper states of mind;
  • Habits;
  • Unmasking & Liberty;
  • A​ Voice that heals;
  • Forgiv​eness & re​covering wholeness.

First Round of User-testing

Your Journey

Personal ​Growth ​Journey

Pdf Lessons & ​Journaling homework

How many things are there that we ​don’t know yet? We mostly focus ​on mastering our careers & running ​daily life. Easy lessons - written ​in a uncomplicated style - provides​ amazing insight into the often el​usive inner life and mirac​les of the mind.

Focused colleagues discussing business project in modern workspace

Worksheets & ​Personality Typing

Did you know? “Personality” comes​ from the Greek work “persona” that​ means mask. Life hasn’t been perfect​ for any of us and we have​ manufactured defense mechanism to​ keep us safe. It is liberating to see​ how our personalities limit us.​

Sessions & discovering ​unconscious beliefs

Talking helps. Insightful questions ​prompts co-creative conversations ​in which we discover unconscious ​beliefs and mindsets and the ​effects it has on our default ​behaviour​.

Practical Prompts & ​Accountability

Any manual or even technologically ​complex process is still only as good ​as the breathing person managing it. I ​believe that two is better than one ​and that regular and practical ​prompts & follow-up, ensures real ​and consistent progress.




Pause .. Think and Explore again ..

Journey from Emotional Numbness to Hope ..

Feel again

Pause .. Think and Explore again ..

Journey from Emotional Numbness to Hope ..

Feel again

  • 3 x 60 minute individual coaching sessions; onsite or online; Prayer
  • Questionnaire to establish dominant triggers & habits, default beliefs and feelings, prominent memories;
  • Deep co-creative conversations, listening for potential post emotional trauma;
  • No judgement Addiction Care;
  • Authentic Value Finder;
  • Puzzle Picture Purpose Statement;
  • Personalised Affirmations and Continued Connection & Prayer; WhatsApp hours.




Shifting Perceptions ..

Different way of seeing = Different way of being..

Personality Typing .. Understanding self imposed Limitations

Shifting Perceptions ..

Different way of seeing = Different way of being..

Personality Typing .. Understanding self imposed Limitations

  • 3 x 45 minute individual coaching sessions - narrative approach - pearl & polarities finder;
  • Compiling Personalized Report - Mentoring through Personality Strength as well as Growth Points;
  • Growth vs. Fixed Mindsets;
  • Becoming aware of the Mindset Shift from Perfectionism Consistent Progress;
  • Understanding Anxiety and how it stunts growth.



Going deeper .. Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious ..

Inner Programs .. Original Design .. Recovering Wholeness

Innovative Thinking ..

NLP Techniques .. Miracle Mind .. Spiritual Identity

Going deeper .. Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious ..

Inner Programs .. Original Design .. Recovering Wholeness

Innovative Thinking ..

NLP Techniques .. Miracle Mind .. Spiritual Identity

  • Pdf Lessons & Online Awareness Assignments - Journaling;
  • New Habit Builder;
  • Checking in & Accountability;
  • Spiritual Awakening; Redemption, Forgiveness & Grace; Deliverance from Performance Currency;
  • Deeper Authenticity & Acceptance;
  • Will; Identity & Destiny;
  • Pay it forward.


Month 4

Month 2

Modern Geo Semicircle



Month 1

Month 3


Meeting Monthly; ​Puzzle Piece Purpose &

Paying it Forward


Options & Next Steps

Book 1 session as ​needed


  • Book your individual coaching ​se​ssion;
  • When you​ visit https://growthmindse​tcoach.co.za, you will also be a​ble to familiarize yoursel​f with coaching as a mental ​health discipline and w​hat my business is ​a​b​o​u​t​.​

5 Month Recovery ​Pr​ogram

R950.00 p. month or ​R4,000.00 once-off

  • Includes 6 individual ​coaching sessions;
  • Pdf lessons & ​Questionnaires;
  • Personalized Feedback & ​Accountability;
  • M​easuring Progress.

10 Day Mindset-Renewal ​Cultivation ​(online)


  • Daily Prompt;
  • Deeper Mindset Work;
  • Becoming Conscious of your ​Unconscious Programming;
  • Reframing mindsets;
  • Understanding Memories; ​Triggers; Emotional states; ​Beliefs and default ​Behaviours.
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As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single ​thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep ​physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental ​path we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to ​dominate our lives -

Henry David Thoreau

Call to me and I will answer you. I'll tell you marvelous and ​wondrous things you could never figure out on your own - ​Jer 33:3

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